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Topic: Surgical

Feature | July/August 2019

FLASH Technique: A Quick Fix for Targeted Fat Pockets

Many treatments for fat exist, and each has its place. FLASH satisfies the need for instant gratification.
Steven Davis, DO, FACOS

Here's the scenario: A patient comes in with a small pocket of fat she wants removed before taking that beach vacation next week. Minimally invasive high-tech options abound, but they can take weeks and possibly more than one treatment...

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Feature | July/August 2019

“Turn-Key” Hair Restoration Requires Caution: The Specialist's Perspective

Surgeons must protect their role and establish their expertise now and for the future.
Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS, FISHRS

Carl, a 60-year-old widow, decides that a hair transplant would allow him to feel more youthful. He chooses one of the doctors recommended in an inflight ad for a hair transplant device. Dr. PS is a highly credentialed doctor based in...

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Feature | July/August 2019

Opioid-Free: A Better Way to Recover

It's time to rethink the standard approach to patient care.
Lawrence Iteld, MD

Opioid use, misuse, and abuse in the United States has become a very important topic of discussion not just among health care practitioners, but within the media and around our dinner tables. The “opioid epidemic” has become a...

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Breast Implants: Assessing the Risk for BIA-ALCL

Video | August 1, 2019

Following new warnings from the FDA, Allergan has pulled its textured breast implants from the market. Bryan G. Forley, MD reviews what is known about the reported cases of BIA-ALCL and explains what patients and surgeons should be vigilant for. The cancer is rare, he notes, and so far only associated with textured implants—which were not commonly used in the US.

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September/October 2018

Lip Lifts: Rethinking the Role for this Important Procedure

Often overlooked, surgical lip lifts provide an important benefit in achieving optimal facial aesthetics.
Joe Niamtu III, DMD, FAAC

About 99 percent of the time lip enhancement involves making lips bigger, usually with fillers. But for a significant number of patients, making the upper lip smaller via a lip lift is actually the more appropriate aesthetic...

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