1. We Will Bounce Back

We know there will be an economic impact from the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, things will bounce back. Though different than the current pandemic, the most recent global economic recession (financial crisis of 2008) left the world economy crippled, and aesthetics suffered. However, the interest in undergoing treatments and the number of individuals undergoing those treatments surged and eventually eclipsed pre-recession numbers. In recent years, there has been a boom of less invasive and often more affordable options, ranging from injectables to skincare to laser treatments. With these minimally- and non-invasive treatments, we hope to maintain a youthful appearance until surgical intervention is necessary. These aesthetic options are often more attainable as opposed to surgery during times of financial woe. In addition to this, the growing variety of options for patient financing has made aesthetics even more accessible throughout uncertain times. Once we get back into our daily routines, aesthetics will resume its extremely valuable role in society.

2. Teams Are Impacted 

We know that staffing will change and that the work we have done to build teams will be impacted. It is important to keep your team connected, healthy, and strong during this time. Technology, such as FaceTime, plays an important role in keeping the team connected. During this period, we have realized the importance of supporting one another and not becoming complacent. Collaborating effectively can be challenging when the team is separated, however, with technology we can stay connected and be present with our team. We recognize that this is temporary with a lasting impact, but it is important to be patient with one another. At LUXURGERY, we have implemented weekly mindfulness sessions on Zoom to help relieve stress, reflect on how fortunate we are to be healthy and to make our team feel more united. 

3. Technology Remains Important

We know that the way we communicate has evolved and will leave a lasting impression on our disciplines. Finding new efficiencies from Zoom meetings to telehealth visits has helped us stay connected with our staff and our patients. Education is key during times like these, and we are happy to continue to provide learning opportunities. We were fortunate enough to run a cadaver lab for more than 2,000 viewers from around the globe. We also have held educational webinars with luxury magazines and have seen a dramatic increase in visibility during this time. These innovations in technology make aesthetics accessible in a time when it would be otherwise inaccessible. 

4. We Must Stay Connected

We know that we really love what we do and will eventually get back to it. Aesthetics is an industry that is constantly evolving and that provides us with a lot of excitement. So many of us get into a place, some call it a rhythm and others call it a groove, but now many of us are forced to take pause and are mandated to not work or operate or care for patients. During this time, as both leaders and healthcare providers, it is important for patients to know that we are here for them throughout this uncertain time whether it is via phone, email, or video visit.


The COVID-19 pandemic and associated shutdowns will have both short- and long-term effects on aesthetics practices. Importantly, history tells us that the economy—and aesthetics—will bounce back. There is much that we know, but still much to learn.

5. We Have a Lot to Learn

We know...that we really know nothing. We have been impacted, and our lives changed by something we can’t see with the naked eye, so to speak. This pathogen is being studied by the brightest minds across the globe who are trying to understand how this virus shut down the world and is responsible for a massive death toll. One thing is certain: control what we can control and know what we know; the rest will play out the way it has for centuries.