What is the Aerolase Neo Elite and how are you using it in practice?

Chesahna Kindred, MD: The Aerolase Neo Elite is an effective and safe laser that I use on all patients. Gone are the days where I need one laser for patients with fair skin and a different laser for darker skin because of safety issues. I treat acne patients who have an occasional flare despite medical treatment, but also acne patients beginning their treatment regimen. The laser is also useful for stubborn psoriatic plaques in patients with too small of a body surface area to qualify for a biologic. Often, I use the laser for laser hair removal, facial rejuvenation, scars, and more. The Aerolase Neo Elite uses light energy to target structures in the skin. For redness, the target is red blood cells; for dark marks and hair, the target is pigment. The difference is that many lasers deliver energy too slowly. In general, lasers deliver energy in milliseconds, but the Aerolase delivers energy in microseconds. As a result, the length of time required for the slower lasers to deliver enough energy to destroy a target causes some of the energy to destroy surrounding structures. Damage to the surrounding structures leads to complications, such as burns.

How does the Aerolase Neo Elite compare to other devices that address the same/similar issues?

Dr. Kindred: The Aerolase Neo Elite has multiple indications, including medical indications, such as acne, psoriasis, pseudofolliculitis barbae (PFB), and onychomycosis as well as cosmetic indications, such as laser hair removal, melasma/hyperpigmentation, and acne scars. More importantly, Aerloase is effective, delivering consistent results across ages and ethnic groups.

Is there a learning curve?

Dr. Kindred: There is a short learning curve as the Aerolase laser is user-friendly and straightforward. The treatment protocol manual is incredibly useful.

Please share any pearls.

Dr. Kindred: For patients with melasma, the heat generated from lasers may exacerbate the condition. After each pass, we apply a simple ice-pack to the treatment area. For PFB, the key to avoid ruining a man’s beard is to not use a setting high enough to singe the hairs.

How are you marketing the Aerolase Neo Elite?

Dr. Kindred: Most of our laser patients come from our medical office visit, but from time to time, I post something regarding Aerolase on Instagram or Facebook.