The Gist of It: New web Series Aims to Educate Patients

A recently launched web series, “The Gist,” aims to offer patients the facts about aesthetic and medical conditions and treatments.

Doris Day, MD; Jeanine Downie, MD; Sabrina Fabi, MD; Ava Shamban, MD; and Ruth Tedaldi, MD—the faces and the brains of the new series—are taking on social media misinformation one YouTube video at a time.

The physicians wanted to find a way to reach the masses with facts and science, rather than hype. The concept of a web-based discussion format program was born.

The team knew that producing the series would require more resources than they could muster. They approached Allergan, and the company agreed to support the program to grow the market for everyone as a non-branded venue.

The panelists note that they bring a diversity of experience and opinions to each conversation, and the response to date has been overwhelming. The physicians agree that the talk show format has been a hit.

To show your support, visit and like and subscribe to the show.

ASDS Consumer Survey: Interest in Cosmetic Procedures Continues to Rise

Consumers’ strong interest in cosmetic procedures continues this year with almost 70 percent of consumers considering a cosmetic treatment, according to the 2019 American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) Consumer Survey on Cosmetic Dermatologic Procedures. Excess weight (84 percent), excessive fat under the chin (73 percent), skin texture and/or discoloration (71 percent) and lines and wrinkles around or under the eyes (70 percent) have consistently been leading concerns for five years in a row.

The desires to feel more confident, appear more attractive, look as young as they feel and do something for themselves were the primary motivations consumers had for exploring cosmetic procedures.