In each edition, Modern Aesthetics® asks top cosmetic physicians about the newest cosmeceuticals that they are dispensing in their practices. Here, Anna M. Paré, MD, President of Dermatology Consultants PC, in Atlanta, discusses ISDIN's Melatonik serum, which she has been using since it launched in August 2018.

What IS Melatonik serum?

Anna M. Paré, MD: Melatonik is a three-in-one nighttime serum that helps the skin recover while you sleep. It also helps you fight oxidative stress the next day and stimulates your body's own ability to repair environmental stress. 

How does Melatonik stand out form other nighttime serums?

Dr. Paré: Melatonik is considered a “super serum.” It works in the dermis with a retinol-like active ingredient called Bakuchiol. Vitamin C is used to protect skin, and melatonin repairs and restores while you sleep. It is different than other nighttime products because even my patients with the most sensitive skin are able to use this every night with no dryness, irritation, or peeling as they may experience with traditional retinols.

How do you suggest that your patients use this product?

Dr. Paré: Melatonik complements all of my treatments because it is gentle enough to be used every day. Patients use a few drops on their face, neck, and chest every night after cleansing. They will feel smoother, softer skin in just a few nights of using it and will really see a dramatic softening of fine lines and wrinkles as well as firmer, more plump and hydrated skin in just six to 12 weeks.

My patients love having three serums in one bottle, and the results speak volumes.

How does skincare fit in with your practice philosophy?

Dr. Paré: All of my patients receive a full consult on skincare at every visit. Treatments are the cornerstone of my practice, but all patients need a clearly defined skincare routine at home to enhance the treatments they received and protect that investment. Maintaining good skin health with great medical grade products like ISDIN's Melatonik is as important, if not more so, than treatments.