Reduce No Shows, Improve Patient Engagement

Modernizing Medicine has launched enhanced patient engagement tools powered by Relatient that are designed to reduce no-shows and improve patient compliance, satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

The new patient engagement tools work with Modernizing Medicine's practice management software to:

  • Confirm appointments
  • Remind patients of upcoming appointments
  • Engage no-show patients for a future appointment
  • Update patients with last-minute changes or delays
  • Receive feedback after each appointment with automated patient surveys

Know What Your Patients Want: Trends for 2019

In 2019, American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery members predict:

  • Patients will request to look the way they do through filters on Instagram and Facetune.
  • Patients will seek refined, subtle results, not an “overdone” look.
  • Patients will be more open to surgical procedures as they can achieve the longest or sometimes permanent results.
  • Marketing to millennials will evolve as more flock to social media for plastic surgery information and subscription-based services will grow.
  • High-definition abdominal liposculpting will likely continue to rise in popularity next year as men seek solutions for their ideal physique.

Be Different: Be You

Does time on social media leave you worrying you aren't as successful as your peers? In her lastest Heideas video, Heidi Waldorf, MD says not to compare yourself to the filtered views of social posts. Watch now at series/heideas-for-aesthetic-practices