Botanical beauty products, which stem from herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, or berries, can prevent and even reverse all types of skin woes—and patients can't get enough of them. Add in some A-list celeb endorsements and investment from pharma, and you've got a lot more than a fad—you've got a movement.

“The desire for sustainable and green ingredients is really big right now and is extremely popular with consumers. Educating our patients about these products is essential. They are not always 100 percent botanical, and many still contain some preservatives, however, they likely have fewer of the ingredients that patients are concerned with. Just because they are ‘natural' doesn't mean they can't have side effects. After all, poison ivy is natural, too! More and more patients will be asking about botanicals in skincare, and we should be prepared to answer their questions and make product recommendations and suggestions when needed,” says Diane Berson, MD, a New York City dermatologist.

New Products

Face + Eye Mask and Neck + Décolleté Mask, Liftlab

Each sheet is infused with an optimal concentration of youth-boosting ingredients that offer repair and rejuvenation benefits. Liftlab's new offerings are dried and sterilized before being loaded with the brand's medical-grade serum to ensure potency.

New HA Products and Eyelash Serum, Brand MD

HA Physical Tint SPF 44 is a water-resistant, mineral-based formulation to provide well-rounded coverage against UVA and UVB radiation. HA Collagen Booster contains four various forms of hyaluronic acid, ranging in low and high molecular weights to penetrate and target the skin at various depths. Advanced Eyelash, proven effective within as little as two weeks of use, features a peptide complex, rich in Biochanin A, to help promote fuller, longer, thicker lashes and reduce the number of lashes lost.

ISDIN AGE Contour for Face and Neck, ISDIN

ISDIN AGE Contour, a triple action face and neck cream packed with ingredients to fight three key aspects of skin aging, is formulated with a tripeptide complex containing three key amino acids intended to reduce jawline sagging by improving facial firmness, elasticity, and hydration.