In each edition, Modern Aesthetics® asks top cosmetic physicians about the newest cosmeceutical they have introduced into their practices. This issue, dermatologist Amy Forman Taub, MD, the founder of Advanced Dermatology and skinfo Specialty Skincare Boutique in Lincolnshire, IL, tells us about Aethern Advanced Skin Beauty Program's drinkable antiaging and nutritional solution, the first nutraceutical she has ever offered in her practice.

What is Aethern Nutricosmetics?

“It's a drinkable anti-aging skincare solution with the main ingredients of hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin (potent antioxidant), bamboo extract, Mediterranean polyphenols, bioactive collagen peptides, magnesium, zinc, vitamins B5 and E, lutein, and selenium. All of these actives work synergistically to boost complexion and skin health from within. The increased levels of hyaluronic acid improve hydration, lines, reconstruction of connective tissue, and increase the synthesis of collagen. Bioactive collagen peptides improve elastin radiance, mechanical skin properties, and stimulate collagen type 1 synthesis. Silicon-bamboo extract helps regenerate collagen fibers, while beta-carotene and lutein also boost radiance and reduce solar erythema and DNA mutations associated with photoaging. Astaxanthin improves elasticity, texture, and rough skin as Mediterranean polyphenols neutralize excess free radicals, improve micro-circulation by strengthening vessels, enhance endogenous defenses, diminish tissue inflammation, and reduce degradation of collagen and elastin. There is a significant amount of scientific data on the individual ingredients to back up each of these claims. I met the owner/founder/creator and I can tell you he is passionate with respect to sourcing the ingredients and getting the bioavailability and combination of ingredients right. He scoured the earth to find the best ingredients.”

How are you recommending Aethern in practice?

“Right now we are promoting it as a skincare drinkable solution for those who don't have the time to apply products, are forgetful, and want something simple and as an addition to those who want to take it up a notch with their current skincare regimen.“

How well does it work?

“A 30-day study from Jeffrey Dover, MD of Skincare Physicians in Chestnut Hill, MA, showed that patient satisfaction is high with regard to skin hydration, firmness, and radiance. There is also a 90-day study currently underway that is being conducted by High Point, NC-based dermatologist Zoe Draelos, MD with 72 patients. It will be completed by end of March 2017. In my practice, patients who have tested the product have seen an improvement in hydration as one of the first visible outcomes. They also have mentioned they have seen an overall improvement in the tone of their skin and in the body's hydration (not as itchy during these winter months) and conditions such as keratosis pilaris have subsided. Patients like that it is liquid and not a pill for those who have a hard time swallowing vitamins and supplements. These are early results in only a few people with informal feedback, but it is very promising.”

What questions remain?

“I am looking forward to seeing the data-based study from Dr. Draelos. I want to be sure that these ingredients in these concentrations are safe, especially for people who might be on multiple medications. I tend to be conservative.”