AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules, Exuviance

Exuviance launched new AF Vitamin C20 Serum Capsules, a potent formulation of maximum strength 20% Vitamin C and patented AminoFil to restore and protect skin.

L-Ascorbic Acid is an essential co-factor in the production of collagen, helping to improve firmness, strengthen skin's matrix, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, brighten dark spots, and protect against daily environmental damage. Patented AminoFil volumizes and targets the skin matrix for enhanced firming benefits. The serum can be applied to the face, neck, or back of hands, or can be mixed into a nighttime moisturizer just before application to give skin a beauty boost at night.

Anthelios Dermo-Kids Gentle Sunscreen Lotion, La-Roche Posay

La Roche-Posay introduced their first sunscreen for kids to the US—the Anthelios 60 Dermo-Kids. Powerful UVA/UVB filters provide broad spectrum, 80-minute water resistant protection. The sunscreen is formulated with the La Roche-Posay exclusive Cell-Ox Shield Technology that offers UVA/UVB protection plus antioxidants such as Vitamin E to help neutralize UV-generated free-radical damage. The product is dermatologist-tested for skin tolerance, and the lightweight lotion is formulated without fragrance or parabens so it's gentle on children's sensitive skin. It is also dermatologist- and pediatrician-tested for safety—and 96 percent of mothers who tried the formula said it felt gentle on their children's skin and 94 percent said that it did not run into the eyes. The sunscreen is formulated with soothing Vitamin E, antioxidant-rich and soothing La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, and moisturizing glycerin. It is non-comedogenic and allergy tested.

Wound Care Products, Stratapharma

Stratpharma's wound care and scar management portfolio is now available in the US. Stratacel, a film-forming wound dressing developed specifically for sensitive skin areas including the periorbital region, lips, and nostrils, is especially effective for laser resurfacing procedures.

Stratamed, the first film-forming gel based wound dressing approved for immediate use on open wounds and compromised skin, can be applied immediately after all dermatological interventions including burns (1st and 2nd degree burns; 3rd degree burns after the presence of granulating tissue) for rapid re-epithelialization and abnormal scar management. Strataderm, the only once-per-day topical application for scar management, is a rapidly drying, non-sticky, transparent, silicone gel formulation for the treatment of both old and new scars, as well as abnormal scar management, in the form of hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Stratpharma also plans to introduce Stratamark, a new product for the treatment and prevention of stretch marks, with U.S. clinical trials currently underway.

Murad Adds New Blemish-Targeting Products

Murad rolled out two anti-acne new products to help patients say goodbye to blemishes.

The new Pore Extractor Pomegranate Mask features volcanic clay, pomegranate extract, and lactic acid polishing beads that work together to deep clean the skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment is an invisible Salicylic Acid gel that reduces blemish size and redness in just four hours, per the company. Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment is formulated with a patented complex that features thyme and pine extracts to fight irritants while preserving skin's natural balance. Horse chestnut and oat extracts help to reduce redness and soothe the skin.