Investigational Adapted HA Gel May Reduce Eye Circles

A new innovation in hyaluronic acid fillers may provide some benefit in the reduction of eye circles. An adapted HA gel made by Teoxane called Teosyal Redensity II, already approved in the EU and Canada, but not approved by the FDA, has physical properties similar to soft HA. It is composed of both cross-linked and non-cross-linked HA in addition to amino acids and minerals. This creates a product that reportedly lasts for an average of a year and, no matter the quantity injected, has not been shown to lead to any swelling or Tyndalling. Teosyal Redensity II's viscoelastic profile provides minimal pressure on tissues, which offers an easy injection into a confined, narrow area, optimal spreading, and controlled positioning.

FDA approves new silicone gelfilled breast implant

FDA approved the Natrelle 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Gel Filled Breast Implant (Allergan) for breast augmentation in women at least 22 years old and to reconstruct breast tissue in women of any age. FDA based its approval on seven years of data from 941 women. Most complications and outcomes reflect those found in previous breast implant studies including capsular contracture, re-operation, implant removal, asymmetry, and infection. In addition, investigators observed fissures in the gel of some Natrelle 410 implants.

The silicone gel in the Natrelle 410 implant contains more cross-linking compared to the silicone gel used in Allergan's previously approved Natrelle implant. This increased crosslinking results in a firmer gel. Of note, the FDA noted that Allergan's studies did not compare the safety and effectiveness of the Natrelle 410 implant to other previously approved silicone gel-filled breast implants on the market. Therefore, these implants cannot be directly compared to any previously FDA-approved implant.

Plastic Surgery Foundation To Recognize Innovation

In order to foster the development of new technological innovations and inventions in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery, the Plastic Surgery Foundation (PSF) will award $5,000 to two top innovators. Winners of the new Technology Innovation in Plastic Surgery (TIPS) Innovation Challenge will be announced at the PSF's TIPS meeting May 31-June 2, 2013 in San Francisco. In addition to the cash prize, winners will have an opportunity for mentorship from an expert panel of judges.

ASPS and Strathspey Crown Announce Strategic Partnership

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and Strathspey Crown Holdings LLC, a lifestyle healthcare growth equity firm, have signed a strategic partnership agreement designed to assist plastic surgeons. The companies will jointly invest and work together on a number of programs, including group purchasing and licensing; practice management services and tools; and co-marketing/ public relations campaigns. Pursuant to the strategic partnership agreement, ASPS will receive an equity investment in Strathspey Crown.