The global Vaginal Rejuvenation Market is projected to grow at over 33.7% between 2020 and 2026 from its estimated USD 1 billion value in 2019. A recent study from market research firm Global Market Insights,the growth will be driven in part by the prevalence of stress urinary incontinence after childbirth, along with rising psychological distress arising from sexual dysfunction, and post-childbirth effects. 

Estimates suggest that the global vaginal rejuvenation market size will surpass an annual valuation of USD 5 billion in yearly revenues by 2026.

The new report notes that there is an increasing awareness of vaginal rejuvenation treatment procedures with marketing and commercialization as well as mounting disposable incomes. There is also an inclination for designer vaginal surgery methods. Non-invasive surgical procedures with energy-based devices have proven safe and effective to address problems stemming from tissue laxity. 

 Annual remuneration from labioplasty treatment surpassed over USD 389 million in 2019, due to a considerable rise in the number of labia minor or labia major procedures.