Sciton’s New mJOULE Platform Features BBL HERO and MOXI image

Sciton Inc. is rolling out their mJOULE dual-wavelength platform which includes a new fractional treatment, MOXI, and BBL HERO.

MOXI delivers non-ablative laser energy to revitalize skin and BroadBand Light HERO (High Energy Rapid Output) allows practitioners to treat the entire body with four times the speed, three times the peak power, and two times the cooling capacity.

"The mJOULE's MOXI addresses a gap in treatment offerings by delivering a time effective solution for our customers, a progressive alternative for their patients and an exciting advancement in our field," states Robb Brindley, Sciton Vice President of North American Sales, in a news release.

"BBL HERO is the most significant advance in pulsed broad-spectrum light in 20 years," says Los Gatos, Calif. dermatologist Patrick Bitter, MD. "When my patients look at their skin post-treatment they just say, 'AMAZING!' They are seeing smoother, clearer, younger and healthier-looking skin after just one treatment with BBL HERO."

"1927 nm is a winner, BBL plus 1927nm (MOXI) equals an awesome, delegatable treatment," adds Elizabeth L. Tanzi, MD, Director Capital Laser and Skin Care in Washington, DC. "Between Sciton's MOXI, HALO and Erbium Fully Ablative Laser Platform, all the resurfacing options are covered by one company. It's the full toolbox."