Dominion Aesthetic and IPS Design New Fat Reduction Device image

Intelligent Product Solutions is helping Dominion Aesthetic Technologies, Inc. give their eon FR body contouring device a sleek new look, the companies report.

eon FR is a non-contact aesthetic device that is FDA-cleared for abdominal fat reduction.  Laser energy is delivered using a powered articulated arm and the treatment head simultaneously delivers laser energy and cooling to keep the patient comfortable and induce apoptosis. Select plastic surgery and dermatology practices are using eon FR throughout the United States.

 “Working with IPS enabled us to realize the gorgeous design that we wanted for this innovative product, with a ‘Lamborghini meets Apple’ look,” says Janet Campbell, CEO and Founder of Dominion Aesthetic, in a news release.  “The clever engineering and design of eon FR’s non-contact body contouring device makes it visually appealing to physicians and patients, with design and safety elements for patient comfort.”

 “We worked with Dominion as a true partner from design concept and execution to design for manufacturing,” adds Mitch Maiman, President and Co-founder of Intelligent Product Solutions, a subsidiary of Forward Industries.“This is another example of the innovative design we are applying in the healthcare sector.”

CEO and Chairman of Forward Industries, Terry Wise, comments, “We’re very pleased to be collaborating with Dominion, showcasing the sophisticated product design capabilities and expertise of IPS.”