In each issue, Modern Aesthetics® magazine asks top cosmetic physicians about the devices that they are introducing to their patients. Here, Arisa Ortiz, MD, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology and Director of Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology at UC San Diego, shares her experience with Sciton’s Joule X Platform, which she calls her “work horse” and her “bread and butter.”

What is Joule X and how are you using it in practice?

Arisa Ortiz, MD: The Joule X Platform has a broad range of applications to address various patient concerns, such as wrinkles, pigment, vascular, body, hair, women’s health, and more. The most common thing that I use it for in my practice is photoaging, including rhytides, lentigines, and rosacea. It is my bread and butter, and I use it daily.

What does the platform comprise?

Dr. Ortiz: The Joule X Platform contains three different delivery methods: Arm, Fiber, and BroadBand Light (BBL). Each of these delivery methods has multiple applications that may be safely combined in one treatment setting or over a series of treatments. The BBL device is an intense pulsed light source that can address pigment, vascular, and skin tightening in addition to hair removal. The Halo is a hybrid (nonablative/ablative erbium) fractional laser that can address fine lines, pore size, texture, and dyschromia. The ProFractional and Contour TRL (tunable resurfacing laser) scanners are able to address deeper rhytides with fractional and full-ablative erbium, respectively. The platform also has the capability to add ClearSuite 1064nm Nd:YAG for vascular lesions and hair removal.

How does Joule X compare to other platforms?

Dr. Ortiz: One of the advantages of the Joule X platform is that you are able to use a more customizable approach compared to other devices that only address one concern a patient may have. The Joule X is able to address multiple concerns at the same time, such as fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, skin tone, texture, tightening, and many more. It is also extremely dependable. I have never had issues with any of the devices or platform and I have had it for several years.

Is there a learning curve with the Joule X platform?

Dr. Ortiz: I perform all of the treatments in my office, but the Joule X is very user-friendly. The recommended settings for the BBL are spot-on and are a useful guide for practices that are just getting started or those that delegate treatments.

Please share your treatment protocol/s and any pearls.

Dr. Ortiz: I love combining multiple modalities on the platform to customize treatments for each patient and optimize results. Some of my favorite combinations are to combine the BBL with Halo to target skin tone, texture, pore size, fine lines, and lentigines; or the Contour TRL with ProFractional to treat cobblestone texture and etched in lines. It’s also very effective for treating scars where you can address both redness and texture using the BBL and ProFractional during the same treatment visit.

How has your return on investment been?

Dr. Ortiz: The Sciton Joule X is my work horse. It has been a great addition in my practice. I use it every day. It addresses the majority of my patients’ concerns, which is the most important investment consideration for me.

How are you marketing the Joule X?

Dr. Ortiz: Since most patients come in wanting to treat reds, browns, or wrinkles, there is no need to market. The Sciton Joule X addresses the most common complaints that my patients want treated. In our demographics, BBL and HALO are often recognizable brands by our patients, and we get referrals from our satisfied patient base.