I will finally lose my baby weight (now that my baby is 18). I will join a gym (and go more than once). I will talk to an aesthetic surgeon about my aging eyes.

Sound familiar? It should. Millions of Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each and every year, and top on all of these lists are vows geared toward self-care.

This “look-better, feel-better, be-better” mentality is no longer seen as vain and selfish. In fact, such self-care is now considered largely selfless. This can be quite a boon for aesthetic doctors who specialize in helping individuals make positive changes. From neuromodulators to erase crow’s feet and new fillers to restore lost volume to treatments with new energy-based devices that tighten, trim, and tone trouble spots, there’s more for cosmetic doctors to offer New Year’s Resolutioners than ever before. Ask your patients about any New Year’s resolutions to see if there is something that your practice offers that can help meet their goals. Consider “New year, New you” promotions, such as targeted e-blasts that give the skinny (and deals) on the latest and greatest technologies.



You are on the clock! It’s easy come, easy go with New Year’s resolutions, and the people who make them. In fact, a study by US News found that 80 percent of New Year’s resolutions fail…before February.

Get ahead of the fallout by starting early with your New Year’s promotions and specials. It’s not easy to hit the gym every day or give up carbs, but muscle toning delivered by a device is easier to stick with than that early morning core class or draconian new diet. Even if resolutions fly out the window, aesthetic patients will likely come back for maintenance treatments if they are happy with the results of a cosmetic procedure. Reach out with text or e-reminders to alert patients about any new services or technologies being offered. Happy New Year!