A couple years ago, I decided to start my own practice, SomenekMD-Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery. My original idea was to create a facial plastic practice that would be able to offer a wide menu of services to attract new patients and maintain the current ones. In addition to being one of the best decisions professionally, there was another consideration on the table: to expand and grow with another physician.

Fast forward to about six months ago when that consideration became more than just a thought. I decided to partner up with a plastic surgeon who specializes in breast and body, Troy Pittman, MD. This was a logical progression for me, because it was clear that there was a demand for procedures below the neck, too.

Standing Apart, Side-by-Side

Whether you live in a saturated major metropolitan city or somewhere more rural, setting your practice apart from the rest should be a top priority. With our new practice, SomenekMD+PittmanMD Advanced Plastic Surgery, our vision is to provide a concierge level of care with an uncompromising standard. We created an all-inclusive experience for the patient that allows them access to a wide variety of resources in the practice. We have created a system that highlights the importance of having experts in their respective specialties. We have a “face” side and a “body” side that further reinforces our model of specialized services.

I wanted a patient to have an “experience” rather than just a standard visit. I believe this experience begins when they walk into the office and continues all the way through checkout. Our staff greets every patient on entry and asks if they would like coffee, tea, or water. We have scented diffusers throughout the office to circulate our branded eucalyptus scent. In addition to getting a great result from a desired treatment, these details contribute to the overall experience of what makes our practice unique.

For me, having a true collaboration with someone allows the practice to have a clearer meaning. At our practice, it is clear that we have a face specialist and a body specialist. I liken this to when someone wants to get something repaired on their car. Most would agree that if their muffler needs to be replaced it would be desirable to find someone who specializes in mufflers, not someone who offers a little bit of everything.

Have a Vision

Whether you are starting a practice or have an established practice, it is imperative to have a vision or mission statement that clearly defines what you want to be. I speak to many physicians who have great ideas about their practice. The problem is that these ideas are all over the place. Once a clear vision is established, executing it becomes a much easier task, because all the energy is directed at this single vision.

Consistency is an essential component of setting your practice apart. Maintaining consistency with the brand of the practice and the message that goes along with it builds trust and establishes authenticity. We strive for consistency across all social media platforms as well as internally among the staff and all materials within the office. (Get more on branding, p. 52)

Build On Strengths

Everyone has their own strengths. Take some time to identify yours and let prospective patients know what they are. This is the only way to be able to show how your practice is unique.