IMCAS Meeting

As one of the earliest American guests, and one of the first presenters without an MD after my name at IMCAS, it was a real treat to be invited back to the Palais des Congres to celebrate this milestone in Paris: Two decades of IMCAS.

To honor the anniversary, attendees came from all over the world to enjoy the biggest IMCAS Congress ever. Delegates and speakers from dermatology, plastic surgery, and related professions traveled to wintery Paris to explore the hottest topics in medical aesthetics. #IMCAS20 welcomed an even more robust list of attendees this year—240 key players from industry, 9,245 registrants, and 740 expert speakers contributing to 240 scientific sessions and 309 hours of learning over three days.

According to New Jersey dermatologist David J. Goldberg, MD, JD, “This was the 20th annual meeting of IMCAS-Paris and I have been to all 20 of them. Twenty years ago, it started as a small disorganized meeting with no more than 100 attendees. This year, with over 9,000 physicians and exhibitors, IMCAS-Paris is now the leading cosmetic dermatology/plastic surgery meeting in the world. There was not a single topic in the fields of aesthetic medicine/surgery that was not covered. Most importantly, IMCAS-Paris is the go to meeting for new concepts in our field. I look forward to the 21st annual meeting and many more to come.”

Michael Gold, MD, a Nashville, TN dermatologist, has also attended almost every IMCAS meeting, was simply amazed by the incredible attendance. “I never saw such excitement surrounding the talks given and the amount of information that was exchanged at this meeting. It was by far the best IMCAS ever and a tribute to the hard work of the IMCAS team to have successfully grown an amazing event,” he says.

Educational Excellence

IMCAS's educational program has expanded over the past two decades. There is a more diverse offering in terms of panels, courses, and workshops, as well as more content covering just about every topic of interest to aesthetic professionals. In recent years, a Women's Health and Vaginal Rejuvenation track has been very well attended and attracting a whole new segment of practitioners, cosmeceuticals have emerged as a key area of interest, and non-surgical body shaping continues to pick up steam around the world.

IMCAS also features a roster of top plastic and facial plastic surgeons from around the world, presenting on face lifting, rhinoplasty, facial contouring, and the new breast implant technologies emerging in the market.

“The two panels I participated in on ‘20 Years of Facelifts' and ‘20 Years of Breast Implants' were definitely highlights for me. We had an outstanding international faculty discussing the changes that have occurred over the last two decades. The Gala Dinner celebrating this important milestone was the social highlight with outstanding entertainment, great food and wine, not to mention dancing through the night!,” says Atlanta plastic surgeon Foad Nahai, MD, FACS, Editor of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

A Global Perspective

As always, the IMCAS Tribune presented their perspective on growth in the aesthetic field in the key regions, Europe, US, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America, covering the four pillars of medical aesthetics:

1. Botulinum Toxins, Dermal Fillers
2. Active Cosmetics (Cosmeceuticals)
3. Energy Based Devices, Lasers, Body Contouring Devices, Energy Based Women's Health Devices (new entry)
4. Breast Implants

Their key findings included a market that is heterogeneous, both regarding market segments and geographical zones, with a solid +8.1 percent in global market growth in 2017 that could reach $14.2 billion by 2021. The Body Contouring and Dermal Filler markets remained the most dynamic segments, with a CAGR of 14.5 percent and 8.3 percent respectively. Among fillers, as expected, hyaluronic acid products lead the way. The new market segment added in 2018, Energy Based Women's Health Devices, is expected to generate a CAGR of 25.7 percent, currently at $181.9 million and doubling in four years to reach $455.5 million in 2021.1

An IMCAS regular, Dr. Nelly Gauthier from Paris, comments, “As usual it was a very busy meeting where all specialties in medicine and surgery meet and exchange their ideas about well being from the inside out. For me it serves as proof that aesthetics is a giant pool of medical knowledge and advances directed towards one goal: feeling good about oneself at every age.”

Among the key learnings, says Dr. Gauthier, “There is now a very real effort among practitioners to refine their treatments, to preserve the identity of the patient, to cause less trauma, and be more honest. It is not all about looking younger, which rarely succeeds, but to look good and seductive. As doctors, we should not be selling a dream that can lead to a lot of disappointment among patients. The dramatic before and after pictures have raised patients' expectations, which can hurt everybody, doctors and patients. Efforts have been made to study photographic manipulation of light, angles, colors, so we can now turn a critical eye to before and after pictures to understand the true benefits and limitations.”

Among the talks that she considered to be highlights, “There was an excellent lecture on how to diagnose body dysmorphic disorder in patients given by Professor Katherine Philips, and a great panel on the particulars of aging and the misconceptions from the longitudinal study conducted by Plastic Surgeon Val Lambros.”

Ashraf Badawi, a Professor of Dermatology in Cairo is another notable regular. “IMCAS' 20th Anniversary was a great event with strong scientific content, suitable for many specialties and physicians from all over the world. I was the director of the MENA Master Class, which was tailored to the unique issues faced in the Middle East/North Africa region, that featured many international speakers. I also participated in a video class in collaboration with the European Society for Lasers and Energy Based Devices on Q-switched lasers. The attendance, as always, was excellent,” he says.

From London, dermatologist Ariel Haus agreed that the program offered something for everyone. “The talks were of a very high standard and a good balance was achieved between treatments and drug delivery. I particularly enjoyed learning about new developments in the treatment of melasma, as well as seeing the new launches among lasers for treating aging skin, an area that I am always interested in. I will be back next year!”

Marketing Modules

The practice marketing sessions always attract a very diverse international audience of doctors and clinic managers looking for pearls to grow their practices. Sessions covered everything from setting up a clinic, building a strong team, dealing with reviews and ratings, to social media and digital marketing. With 10-minute back-to-back talks, it was challenging to stay on track and leave time for questions from attendees who followed speakers into the corridors of the Congress to continue the conversation.

“IMCAS2018 was an outstanding gathering of leaders in the field of cosmetic dermatology, dermatologic surgery, and practice marketing. New products, procedures, and techniques were found in every room and the marketing sessions were packed! My goal is to come back annually. What better place could there be to spend a few days with friends, colleagues, and leaders than in Paris at IMCAS,” says Todd Schlesinger, MD, a dermatologist in Charleston, SC.

“Educational, great international faculty, amazing social events, all in one of my favorite cities in the world, that is how I would describe the IMCAS 20th anniversary meeting in Paris. The educational offering is so broad with faculty recognized from around the world in aesthetic surgery and dermatology. The content in the business section was outstanding and so practical that I was able to apply lessons I learned immediately upon returning home,” says Atlanta plastic surgeon Farzad Nahai, MD. “IMCAS has become a can't miss meeting for me and I look forward to going again in 2019.”

Denver, CO plastic surgeon Gregory Buford, MD also presented on the marketing track. “Aesthetic Medicine continues to evolve in a number of exciting ways. With the advent of meetings such as IMCAS, we now have the ability to share information across both training as well as geographic boundaries and learn a dramatic amount of new techniques from our colleagues from across the world. This sharing will no doubt lead to stronger practices for all of us and much better and more optimal outcomes for our patients,” he explains.

IMCAS Paris 2019 will take place at Palais des Congres, January 31 to February 2. Visit for more information.


Clint Carnell, CEO, The Hydrafacial Company

“No pain, no gain” had long been the party line when it comes to aesthetic treatments. After all, if it doesn't hurt, how could it possibly have any real benefit? Hydrafacial was among the first therapies to blow up this assumption. It's always been a buzzy procedure that delivers noticeable results without any downtime, and now—thanks to new management, new partnerships, and a new state-of-the-art facility—things are about to heat up even further. Industry vet Clint Carnell, CEO of The HydraFacial Company, sat down with Modern Aesthetics® magazine to talk about what's next. (Spoiler alert: it's big!)

New Digs

“HydraFacial Company opened its new headquarters in Long Beach, CA in November 2017. It's a state-of-the-art facility that includes a new training center that will host comprehensive weeklong training for new hires as well as advanced trainings for customers around the world. Corporate departments including customer care, sales support, finance, marketing, human resources, and the leadership team are now operating out of this location, and the R&D team will be joining in 2018. Manufacturing will operate out of the Signal Hill office where HydraFacial machines are produced locally.”

Think Bigger

“We hired more people in 2017 than we had working for the company at the end of 2016, more than doubling our size. Hydrafacial is looking to expand our global reach and gain more market share in Asia and the European Union. We are already making great strides in these countries, and we have only just begun.”

Smart Partnerships

“We partnered with ZO Skin Health, SkinCeuticals, and Colorscience to offer pairings that will enhance the benefits of Hydrafacial as well as increase our footprint and market share. We are excited to join forces with like-minded brands that share our commitment for improving skin health around the globe. Together with ZO Skin Health, we created the HydraFacial Brightalive Booster Serum. It's such great synergy. HydraFacial uses patented technology to cleanse, extract, and hydrate while ZO Skin Health provides advanced skin health solutions to achieve total skin health restoration and brighter complexions. Similar pairings are in the works with more cosmeceutical companies.”

Perks Galore

“Hydrafacial's Perk™ is an all-in-one Cleanse with Benefits™ to rejuvenate lips, eyes, and skin in just 10 minutes. It's a great reward for loyal patients and can serve as a gateway for prospective ones. Perk™ uses patented roller-flex technology to remove dead cells and impurities through a gentle suction process while opening up the pores to deliver antioxidants into the skin. You get to take the antioxidant-filled vial used during the treatment home to extend benefits for up to 30 days. It can be used as an addition to a HydraFacial treatment or as a stand-alone, express service. It's even available at some Sephora stores. So far, the response has been overwhelming.

Speaking of perks, we are also actively working at developing ways to show our appreciation to the aestheticians who made us who we are and their loyal customers. We plan to provide additional tools and even more support to help them grow their practice.”

Community Outreach

“Hydrafacial Nation is growing. We created an online community to empower, inspire, and connect HydraFacial fans and customers across the globe...we have events scheduled to unite our customers and our employees in our common goal of providing people the best skin of their life. We are laying claim to May 1, 2018 as HydraFacial Day with media events in key markets. Once we've got the momentum going, we'll hit the road in our custom HydraFacial treatment truck—and travel to more than 20 markets across the country.” Interested parties can visit for a full schedule.

ISHRS Updates FUE Technique Name

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) updated the terminology of the hair transplantation method known as FUE from Follicular Unit Extraction to Follicular Unit Excision to emphasize the actual surgical aspect of the procedure. The ISHRS has already received worldwide support and acceptance from hair restoration surgeons, the ISHRS explains.

New Line of Laser Systems Now Available from Sensus Healthcare

Sensus Healthcare, Inc. has launched Sensus Laser Systems, a unique multi-platform line of high-quality, cost-effective lasers for hair and tattoo removal, acne lesion correction, skin rejuvenation, and pigmentation/large pore treatment.

Sensus' three new laser systems include Fractional CO2, IPL, and Q-Switched ND:YAG.

Revance, Mylan Partner to Develop Botox Biosimilar

Mylan N.V. and Revance Therapeutics, Inc. are partnering to develop a biosimilar to Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA). The companies plan to work together to gain regulatory approval in the development of this biosimilar product, and commercialize this product in the US, Europe, and applicable markets throughout the rest of the world.


The Aesthetics Meeting 2018
April 26-May 1
Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, NeY, NY

Skin of Color Seminar Series
May 5-6
Crowne Plaza Times Square, NY, NY

Medical Spa & Aesthetic Boot Camp
May 19-20
Denver, CO

Meeting Update

Dermatologists from around the world gathered in San Diego in February for the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology to learn about the latest advances in medical and aesthetic dermatology. Among highlights of the meeting was a presentation by Sue Ellen Cox, MD on safe injection techniques and hands-on, anatomically-focused injection training. In addition to hands-on injection training, attendees in this session were taught how to address filler complications with hyaluronidase.

Joel Cohen, MD, host of's video coverage of the meeting, presented on new uses for fillers and/or neurotoxins and his approaches for natural, impressive results. For example, he discussed the importance of working with individual patients and determining the right amount of neurotoxin to use to ensure safe and natural results.

Video recaps from Dr. Cox, Dr. Cohen, and many other leading dermatologists are available at Other videos on aesthetics feature Shannon Humphrey, MD on updated approaches to deoxycholic acid injection, and Yolanda Lenzy, MD on treating hair loss. Watch now!


“Topical creams, although effective, can be extremely expensive and near impossible to cover the entire body. For this reason, many dermatologists, including myself, have included oral supplements to address the arms, the legs, the back, the chest. Despite the need, there are very few supplements available to provide a qualitative change in the skin…and those that exist have little or no data to support their use. The oral supplement created by Aethern fills this void. It is an advanced formulation of antioxidants such as astaxanthin and other botanicals that together form a potent cocktail for the skin. A clinical trial performed by Zoe Draelos, MD in 2016, over 12 weeks, with assessments every four weeks, measuring objective parameters on the skin such as hydration, found that not only the face improved qualitatively but skin off of the face as well. At week eight, there was a 53 percent increase in skin hydration on the arms and a 23 percent increase on the face. At week 12, there was a 28 percent increase in radiance of the arm and a 23 percent increase in radiance of the face. Also, at week 12 an increase of 29 percent in elasticity was observed. These results were statistically significant when compared to an alternative oral liquid supplement and quite dramatic.”

Ava T. Shamban, MD | Beverly Hills, CA Dermatologist