In each edition, Modern Aesthetics® asks top physicians about the latest devices they are using in their practice. Lily Talakoub, MD of McLean Dermatology and Skincare Center in McLean, VA, discuses her experience using several Thermi handpieces, which she brought into her practice in December 2017.

Why did you decide on the Thermi devices?

They have three usable hand pieces and deliver radio frequency in a controlled manner to the skin without causing much irritation, skin pigmentation, burning, or downtime.

How are you using the technology?

The ThermiTight is a more surgical procedure, which involves injections of tumescent anesthisia under the skin, but results are seen in about three months after only one treatment. It tightens the lower face, neck, abdomen, arms, and we also use it for breasts. We use the ThermiSmooth for younger patients who want to maintain their skin, and we do that mostly in a series of five treatments performed two to three weeks apart on the eyes, around the mouth, and we can also do the lower face. It is noninvasive and takes about 30 minutes with no downtime.

The ThermiVa is more for stress incontinence and vaginal rejuvenation. It works amazingly for postpartum urinary stress incontinence and female sexual function. I generally recommend three treatments, three weeks apart.

How has patient response been?

Wonderful so far. In our area, no one wants downtime. These procedures are fast, effective, and have no downtime, which is ideal for our patients.

How is the return on investment?

This is brand new for us, but at the pace we're going, we should be on track to pay off our investment in six months.

How do you market these services—especially ThermiVa?

Our patients are young women and moms. They have busy lives. Stress incontinence is a huge problem, and unfortunately women don't talk about it. They don't tell their friends, their primary care doctors, or even their OB/Gyns. When we use our internal marketing in our office and patients ask us about it, we open up the conversation and so many people are grateful there is an answer to a problem that they have been silently dealing with for so many years. They are ecstatic at the results and then start referring their friends.

Facebook and Instagram primarily have proven to be really great tools for marketing as well. We take short videos that we post with me and our other doctor talking about it. We know that vaginal rejuvenation can be a sensitive topic for women, so we also try to highlight the fact that ThermiVa helps with other issues, too, which are significant concerns among new moms whose vaginal areas have stretched after childbirth.