How many leads does your website generate from incoming traffic? This matters more than how many visitors your website gets every month; once you have leads, you can promote your cosmetic or medical spa services through a follow-up phone call or email marketing.

This is inbound marketing. The old method of outbound marketing (direct paid advertising) isn't all that effective these days. A majority of people have walled themselves against intrusive adverts from marketers. Here's how to convert solid traffic into useful leads.


Place opt-in boxes. The area below an article on your site and the sidebar are excellent locations for opt-in forms.

Create Targeted Landing Pages

Impressive landing pages engage visitors, resulting in higher conversion rates. Unlike articles or blogs, which are intended to spread information, landing pages are tools to capture contact information. The more targeted the landing page, the greater the rate of conversion.

Smart website owners place multiple landing pages on their website or forums. HubSpot, an inbound marketing and sales platform (, recommends that a business must incorporate at least 40 to 50 landing pages for ample traction. Never rely on a single landing page for different groups of visitors. Segment your traffic and target visitors. Use Google Analytics to identify which type of landing page design will work best. You can rely on some plugins or themes while designing landing pages.

If you use YouTube video content marketing, you have an opportunity to guide the YouTube audience to visit your targeted landing page and take the desired action. YouTube allows you to place your web page links in the video description. You can drop the link of a page that contains persuasive elements, such as client testimonials, free eBook downloads, or sign up opportunities for a newsletter.

Use Notification Bars

Notification bars refer to a full wide banner on the top of a website, and they definitely capture viewers' attention.

Such bars are designed to stay on top and can even be configured to stay there when a user scrolls down the site. For maximum impressions, you can place the email form in the notification bar or guide your visitors to a landing page through it.

Place Opt-In Forms

The area below an article on your site and the sidebar are excellent locations for opt-in forms. Visitors pay attention to the sidebar if they are not engrossed in the content, and if you have a relevant offer to engage them at that time, they may opt-in. Secondly, when a reader has finished reading an article or a blog post on your site, they typically don't know what to do next unless you are able to prompt them into some action through an opt-in form.

Welcome Redirects

Redirecting site visitors to targeted locations on your website is another good way to obtain contact information from first-time visitors. All you need to do is direct them to a landing page just for them. Offer something of value, such as a free e-book or a newsletter to seal the deal.