In each edition, Modern Aesthetics® magazine asks top cosmetic surgeons about the newest cosmeceuticals that they are offering to their patients. David Shafer, MD, a New York City plastic surgeon, was excited to talk about his personal and professional experience with Senté Illuminé Eye Cream.

What is Senté Illuminé Eye Cream?

David Shafer, MD: Senté Illuminé Eye Cream is the latest addition to the Senté skincare line with Heparan Sulfate Analog (HSA). HSA works at the cellular level to trigger rejuvenating processes within the skin. Clinically this is seen as improved skin texture, skin color, and overall skin appearance. The eye cream specifically helps reduce dark circles, fine lines, and puffiness.

Do you use it and, if so, how are the results?

Dr. Shafer: Yes, I personally use the Senté Illuminé Eye Cream as well as the brand's Dermal Repair Cream. Both products have the HSA molecule, which is unique to this medical skincare line. When I started using it, I saw results within about one to two weeks with even more effects the longer I used it. I often get compliments on my skin and I can credit Senté.

Why is the under-eye area so hard to treat, and how does this product address those dreaded dark circles?

Dr. Shafer: Under-eye skin is thin and sensitive. Also, the skin under the eyes is susceptible to swelling or puffiness and tends to be translucent with visible veins and other anatomic structures contributing to the overall appearance of the skin. The Senté Illuminé Eye Cream helps regulate and reduce melanin production as well as collagen and other cellular elements.

How are your patients reacting?

Dr. Shafer: The under-eye area is a common concern for patients. Patients are happy to have an effective eye cream that is medically based and scientifically proven.

What products/services do you recommend with this under-eye cream?

Dr. Shafer: For under eyes, the approach needs to address dynamic lines with Botox Cosmetic, any volume loss with Juvéderm, and skin texture and color with the Senté Illuminé Eye Cream. We also recommend the Senté Dermal Repair and Eye Cream following laser resurfacing and other skin treatments.

How does it complement the whole Senté line?

Dr. Shafer: Many patients like to have a specific eye product that complements their daily skincare regimen. The Senté Illuminé Eye Cream offers an effective daily treatment that does not cover-up or camouflage the skin issues, but heals and rejuvenates from the inside out at the cellular level for long-term results.