Shannon Humphrey, MD

Skincare is Foundational

“Evidence-based skincare is really at the foundation of a 360-degree cosmetic rejuvenation plan. The number one piece of advice I give to new patients during the consultation is to start with the skin.

…Healthy looking skin starts with an individualized, customized, evidence-based skincare regimen.”

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Arianne Shadi Kourosh, MD

Focus on Protection

“A simple way to guide [patients] is to promote physical blockers, because those are blind to wavelength…Now a lot of ingredients are being added that provide protection against visible and infrared radiation, because they are free radical scavengers. There are a lot of antioxidants, like vitamin C, vitamin E, and various others, that are being added to sunscreen and make-up formulations…that can help neutralize and absorb free radical damage, which is the mechanism by which visible light and infrared radiation cause damage.”

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Jason Bloom, MD, Scientific Advisory Committee, MEND Cosmetic

Feed Proper Healing

"When we look at some of the statistics out there, this idea of surgical nutrition has really been a hot topic, because the hospital studies have shown that sometimes over 50 percent of patients undergoing surgery are actually undernourished or malnourished when they're getting their procedures. That can really compromise healing. What we decided to do is create a cosmetic surgery package in that it's a nutritional supplement to optimize the body and the skin for proper healing.

Patients are spending, especially in the cosmetic surgery world, lots of money on their procedures. Why wouldn't patients want to make sure they protect their investment and spend a little bit extra in order to optimize their healing, so they get the best outcomes?"

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Erin Gilbert, MD, PhD

Consider Peels and Potions

“Chemical peels are having a bit of a renaissance, and they're a great way to bridge between the procedures you're doing in your office and also between getting people back in…this is a way to keep patients engaged and give them the best possible outcome.

Nutraceuticals is something I am seeing a ton of in my office…I have not seen one young patient come in and not ask me about collagen. Everyone is wanting to do oral collagen.”

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