I will lose 10 lbs. I will join a gym (and go more than once). I will learn to speak another language. I will fall in love (or at least go on a date).

Fully 45 percent of Americans make New Year's Resolutions every year, and top on the list are those that are weight-related or geared toward self improvement, according to

This “look-better, feel-better, be-better” mentality can be quite a boom for aesthetic doctors who specialize in helping individuals make such positive changes. From neuromodulators to delete crow's feet and fillers to restore lost volume to liposuction to get rid of resistant pockets of fat and chemical peels to brighten skin, there's a lot that cosmetic doctors can offer New Year's Resolutioners to help them meet their lofty goals. Ask patients about resolutions and see if there is something that can help meet their goals —a noninvasive fat reduction series that can help get rid of their under-chin fat, for example. Now is also the time to offer specials geared toward this crowd. Send targeted e-blasts to existing patients on the latest and greatest anti-aging technologies offered in your practice and share this information on social media.



Easy come, easy go… Just eight percent of people who make New Year's resolutions actually keep them, reports. Notably, 24 percent fail to stick with their resolutions every year. The process usually starts off with a bang and then peters out. The first week of January heralds the “gympocolypse” when gym regulars are pushed off of their favorite equipment and driven out of their coveted spin class because resolutioners hit the gym en masse. Most of these New Year's Resolutioners are back to their old ways come February. Self improvement delivered via syringe, however, is easier to stick with. So even if resolutions fly out the window, these patients will likely come back for maintenance treatments if they are happy with the results of a cosmetic procedure. Reach out with text or e-reminders and alert patients about any new services or technologies being offered.