qilib Hair Care Line, Galderma

Galderma Laboratories, LP launched qilib Hair Regrowth + Revitalization System and qilib Hair Health Reinforcement Biotin + Multivitamin Supplement to address hair thinning and hair loss. The Hair Regrowth Treatment contains prescription-strength minoxidil specifically formulated for men (5% minoxidil) or women (2% minoxidil), and the Hair Revitalizing Solution is formulated with natural botanicals. When used as directed, 70 percent of male and more than 75 percent of female participants were “satisfied with overall improvement” at 12 weeks of use. Both the Hair Regrowth Treatment and the Hair Revitalizing Solution come in an easy-to-use spray bottle. qilib Hair Health Reinforcement Biotin + Multivitamin Supplement is made up of 5,000 mcg biotin and multiple vitamins. Galderma.com

diVa, Sciton

Energy-based devices for vaginal rejuvenation represent a growing dermatologic category, and the latest member of the crew is Sciton's diVa. Introduced at the 2016 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD)'s annual meeting in Washington DC, diVa is an automated hybrid fractional laser that works on the JOULE platform. Due to High Precision Automation, diVa takes less than five minutes to perform. The device has FDA clearance for the ablation and coagulation of soft tissue. sciton.com

Enlighten, Cutera

Requests for laser tattoo removal are at an all-time high, and Cutera's enlighten, a picosecond plus nanosecond laser, is the company's first foray into tattoo removal. Enlighten comprises dual wavelength (1064nm + 532nm) and dual pulse duration (750ps + 2ns) to remove benign pigmented lesions and unwanted tattoos. “With enlighten, practitioners are much closer to utilizing a single device for the vast majority of tattoo removal procedures,” says Michael S. Kaminer, MD, a board-certified dermatologist and managing partner of SkinCare Physicians in Chestnut Hill, MA, at an event that took place during the 2016 AAD meeting. “The ability to independently adjust pulse duration, wavelength, and spot size while delivering therapeutic energy significantly advances tattoo-removal therapy and treatment for benign pigmented lesions.” cutera.com

New Lines, Glytone and Avène

Avène launched a re-formulated au Thermale Avène TriAcnéal DAY Mattifying Lotion and Eau Thermale Avène TriAcnéal NIGHT Smoothing Lotion. And Glytone introduced Glytone Enhance Brightening Complex debuted at the 2016 AAD meeting. Come April 15, the company will roll out three upgraded additions to the Eau Thermale Avène RetrinAL line including ADVANCED Wrinkle Corrector, Eau Thermale Avène RetrinAL DAY Cream, and Eau Thermale Avène RetrinAL EYES Eye Contour Care. Glytone by Ducray's new male hair loss Neoptide will also be rolled out mid-April 2016. glytone-usa.com

Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50, Obagi Medical

Obagi's new sunscreens—Sun Shield Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 50 in Cool and Warm tints—offer skin protection against both Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB radiation plus infrared (IR) defense to help reduce heat-derived free radicals. The Warm tint is available for yellowish, golden or olive undertones; darker complexions; and ethnic skin. The Cool tint is formulated for bluish, red, or pink undertones; pale, fair skin; and more translucent, thin skin. The products are hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested, are sheer, and are fragrance free. Obagi.com

SilkPeel Daily Dermal Optimizer, Envy Medical

Envy Medical, Inc., launched its SilkPeel Daily Dermal Optimizer. Building off of the professional SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusion treatment, the SilkPeel Daily Dermal Optimizer is formulated to allow the brightening, hydrating effects of the in-office treatment to be delivered at home, enhancing skin-refining benefits after the in-office treatment has been completed. The oil-free lotion works in synergy with the SilkPeel Diamond Dermalinfusion to nourish and protect skin post-procedure while delivering a mix of anti-aging and soothing ingredients. Silkpeel.com

Lift + Fix Professional Serum, LiftLab

Lift + Fix Professional Serum from Liftlab is a fast-acting, natural, multi-purpose serum targeting erythema and stubborn skin irritations. Created exclusively for physicians and asesthetic professionals, it is infused with cell protection protein (CPP), which was discovered as the secret to survival in plants and marine life that thrive in Artic conditions. CPP, according to the company, protects the skin and allows it to produce more of the natural proteins associated with cell regeneration, repair, and recovery from environmental irritatnts such as free radicals, UVA/UVB rays, heat, and pollutants. Lift + Fix Professional Serum is formulated to provide immediate post-cosmetic treatment relief, making it ideal after professional services, such as laser resurfacing, exfoliating peels, and microdermabrasion. It also helps to calm symptoms of sensitive skin conditions. The products are non-comedogenic and well tolerated by all skin types. They are formulated with a paraben-free preservative system. Liftlabskincare.com