What Reveals Age? The Chins Don't Lie

“We're revolumized or rejuvenated [the upper two thirds]. What happens? The chin doesn't match. So you still see that that person is forty-something or fifty-something or sixty-something.”

The solution? “A dramatic change in the way we are using fillers,” says Suneel Chilukuri, MD. Fillers such as Voluma can contour the jawline, he explains, while fillers in the temple can re-create a lift for the entire face.

Should You Be The New Kid? Devices Need to come of Age

I would caution anybody to buy a device that hasn't been on the marketplace for at least two years and has a lot of people with a lot of experience using it.”

“I myself have made some incorrect purchases,” Amy Forman Taub, MD warns. Don't dabble, either, she says.

How to Market Across Age Groups? Sell Experiences

“Make the experience for each patient something that's unforgettable. Apple creates an unforgettable experience for their customers, and practitioners need to realize that there is a way to do this in their practice.”

When people wait in line for a phone, they do so “for the experience,” says practice advisor Robert Rullo. Regardless of their age, patients want an experience they can enjoy and want to talk about.

Why Go Full Ablative? It's Not Your Grandmother's Procedure

“I never abandoned full-face CO2...It's not your grandmother's resurfacing...It's not this multiple pass, painful CO2 laser where people were red for weeks.”

For the upper lip, you need to deliver energy deeply, E. Victor Ross, MD, says. He feels that fractional lasers don't deliver energy deeply enough for some of the deep wrinkles around the mouth.

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Is it ever too young to have cosmetic procedures? Clearly the answer is “no.” Young patients receive laser treatments for birthmarks, revision surgery of scars, and even rhinoplasties. But will having fuller lips improve the quality of life of a 16-year-old girl? Will a career in modeling improve her quality of life, for that matter?

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