New transdermal delivery systems are being utilized to painlessly deliver products directly to and through the skin. While lasers (especially fractionated beam CO>sub>2 or Erbium) and dermarollers or power-driven dermapens can penetrate the skin and allow some enhanced absorption of topical agents, a new system with a reservoir is now available. Aquagold has multiple (20) fine needles in a cap that can penetrate the dermis and has a reservoir to place the product to be delivered. It can be used to deliver a multitude of agents, including botulinum toxin (for large pore size, rosacea, facial line relaxation, hyperhidrosis, etc.), dilute hyaluronic acid products, and vitamins (mesotherapy) for skin hydration and rejuvenation. Additional benefits are for delivery of anesthetic agents for lasers, focused ultrasonic skin tightening or fat melting, deep peels, fillers, or any other procedure that your “shot-phobic” patients might desire... without the shot or the pain.



After many months of uncertainty and maneuvering as Valeant Pharmaceuticals attempted to purchase Allergan, a new company managed to pull the trigger on the deal. Actavis and Allergan have entered into an agreement where Actavis will acquire Allergan. The deal is expected to be finalized in the second quarter of 2015, after which Allergan clinical trials are expected to continue unchanged. Stay tuned to see how more aesthetic industry consolidation will affect practitioners and consumers.