Coming: Neurotoxins for Teeth Grinding, TMJ Inflammation, Masseter Hypertrophy

Many patients who come in for neurotoxin injections for cosmetic uses have a square jaw. When I ask if they grind their teeth, the answer is almost always yes. The exception is patients of Asian origin (especially in the Korean population), who often have hypertrophic masseter muscles. Bruxism is the subconscious grinding of teeth that usually is treated with teeth night guards. Teeth can be worn down, and TMJ inflammation often results. Use of neurotoxins can give almost immediate relief of these symptoms and often do away with the need for night splints. It can also lessen the square lower jaw appearance with masseter muscle shrinkage. The dosage per treatment is less in the Caucasian bruxism population with the usual dosage of 10-15 Units of Botox (or its equivalent other neurotoxins) per masseter. In the Asian population with hypertophic masseters, the treatment amounts are often double.

Going: HGH for Cosmetic, Anti-Aging Uses

Many male patients inquire about HGH (Human Growth Hormone) as an anti-aging treatment. Because HGH diminishes with age, some so-called experts have opined that supplementation can reverse some aging processes. This has not been proven to be true. In fact, it can be deleterious to one's health with increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, elevated cholesterol, edema, and muscle, nerve, and joint damage. Prescriptive HGH is in an injectable form, yet supplements on TV infomercials are usually pills or sprays. There is no evidence that these products work or even if they really contain HGH. Be smart, save your money, and don't do HGH!