1. Watch the Pipeline

“Every face is different. I think that you have to individualize a lot and have to keep an open mind and see what's coming down the pipeline and incorporate that as you see fit into your practice. Because if you don't keep up with that, everyone else is!”

— Wendy W. Lee, MD, MS Bascom Palmer Eye Institute at Miami

2. Prepare for Next Generation Fillers

“I think fillers are going to become more site-specific, and they're going to come in different forms. So if you want to treat the eyes, there will be a special filler that's mainly formulated for the area…by mixing in certain cocktails of vitamins, minerals, amino acids that will also replenish the eyes. Instead of applying, say, an eye cream, you'll have the ingredients of that cream in the filler, so you are injecting in the dermis and subdermally.”

— Hassan Galadari, MD United Arab Emirates University, Dubai

3. Network with Advanced Peers

“I think that some of the most advanced injectors out there are doing what is considered off-label use of products, and because we can't hear about them in our society lectures or in our meetings, I think it's a little dangerous. I am very fortunate. I have friends that I consider very advanced, and I'll ask them what are the pitfalls to look out for and what are the goals I am trying to reach for.”

—G. Jackie Yee, MD Miami, FL

4. Be Entrepreneurial: Share Ideas

“Novice entrepreneurs think it's all about the idea. In actuality, it's about the implementation of the idea…I usually tell other entrepreneurs not to be afraid to share their idea because it's about the implementation. It's about the execution. It's about the people behind it.”

—Steven Hacker, MD Delray Beach, FL

5. Think as You Do

“What I do never becomes rote. Every time I'm doing something for the patient and explaining it to the patient, I'm thinking about what I'm doing and I might even be making subtle changes to my way of thinking.”

—Heidi Waldorf, MD Director of Laser and Cosmetic Dermatology Associate Clinical Professor, Mt. Sinai Medical Center