Vanquish RF Technology

In Their Words: VanquishTM from BTL Aesthetics utilizes its Selective RFTM (radio frequency) to provide a non-invasive, operator-monitored, and contact-free approach to body treatment. This new model of sub-cutaneous, deep tissue heating is based on induced apoptosis.

Vanquish's technology emits an electromagnetic field over a large treatment area without the applicator panels making contact with the skin. Vanquish utilizes real-time Tissue Impedance tuning circuitry, like a radio tuner, to match the characteristics of RF energy with the particular response of the desired deep fat tissue layer. The advanced design of its Energy Flow ControlTM engineering helps deploy the thermal effects of RF into the deep tissue while protecting the superficial skin layers and the deeper musculature.

What it Means: Vanquish is specially designed to “conquer your core” by treating the problematic midsection area with precise thermal energy that selectively affects the adipocytes in the deep tissue layer. In Vitro studies have demonstrated “apoptosis” or fat cell destruction.

The Data: Multicenter clinical studies are underway in the US to validate optimal treatment protocols. The FDA cleared Vanquish for deep tissue heating for use in dermatologic and aesthetic procedures. Generally, four 30-minute sessions are scheduled one week apart over four to six weeks. Patients have shown lasting results up to six months or longer, when maintaining a healthy lifestyle of a smart diet and exercise regimen.

What's Next: Vanquish is slated for installation in aesthetic physician practices nationwide in Q3 2013.

Bottom Line: Vanquish offers several important and impressive features and benefits, including a non-invasive and nonsurgical contouring solution for body treatments, a large spot size, no consumables, and short, focused 30-minute sessions.

Vampire Facelift

A marketing term created by Charles Runels, MD and made mainstream by Kim Kardashian, the Vampire Facelift® has garnered media attention. But at the risk of using a bad metaphor, the lift is anemic. While platelet rich plasma or platelet rich fibrin matrix can increase healing time from some conditions such as leg ulcers or after skin resurfacing, there is no evidence (scientific studies) that show any increased long-term effects when combined with hyaluronic acids in “Vampire Facelifts” or in combination with fat. While some fine lines may be improved especially in the tear trough, and the skin texture may show some improvement, there is no long term, discernable lifting being demonstrated. Any lifting is being done by re-volumizing the face with the hyaluronic acid fillers. Even some practitioners who are offering the procedure recommend repeating it at several week intervals and then maintaining it every six months. Thus, the “Vampire Facelift” appears to be nearing extinction.