Florida is cracking down on the state's cosmetic surgery industry in a big way.

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law the first major reform in more than a decade that gives the state the power to suspend a clinic's operations or revoke its registration if it determines the facility poses an imminent threat to the public.

The new law will also block doctors from opening a new facility for up to five years if their previous clinic has been shut down due to malpractice. Doctors operating these offices would also be required to register with the Department of Health.

The Florida Board of Medicine recently approved an emergency measure prohibiting Brazilian butt lifts, USA Today reports.

Florida, which for years lagged behind other states in regulating the cosmetic surgery industry, now has one of the toughest laws in the nation.

At least 13 women died after surgeries at Florida facilities opened by felons over the past 10 years, the USA TODAY Network reported in April as part of its ongoing investigation.

The legislation was filed by Sen. Anitere Flores. A companion bill (HB 933) was filed by Rep. Anthony Rodriguez.

“Tonight, victims and families of those affected by surgical center malpractices can breathe easier. Safety should be of utmost concern to all physicians, but unfortunately, many innocent lives were lost at the hands of bad actors,” Flores said in a statement. “We thank the Florida Legislature and Gov. Ron DeSantis for seeing the importance of SB 732, the Office Surgery bill, and signing it into law, giving patients the confidence that the State of Florida will strictly regulate and safeguard the health of all patients.”