Mount Sinai has received a $6 million donation from the Derfner Foundation to name the new Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery suite within the Department of Surgery.

The gift was made possible by Jay Lieberman, trustee of the Derfner Foundation and member of the Department of Surgery Advisory Board. The suite will be named The Derfner-Lieberman Family Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. 

“The creation of The Derfner-Lieberman Family Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Mount Sinai will enable more innovative and technologically advanced approaches to plastic and reconstructive surgery, resulting in fewer complications, less pain and quicker recovery to improve overall patient care,” says Mr. Lieberman in a news release. “The Derfner Foundation is honored to be a part of Mount Sinai’s long history of surgical leadership.”

Designed by Kilment Halsband Architects and featuring first of its kind technology developed by Microsoft Corporation, the suite which launched in 2018 is reinventing the medical practice environment and patient experience. Located on the 8th floor of Mount Sinai Faculty Practice Associates at 5 East 98th Street, The Derfner-Lieberman Family Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery will include the most advanced tools and technology that will revolutionize the way physicians and patients interact and communicate.

Each of the nine modern private patient exam rooms is equipped with a 55-inch state-of-the-art touchscreen Microsoft HUB computer, allowing for a more comprehensive and interactive review of pre-surgical planning; better visualization of anticipated surgical results following reconstructive surgery for a cancer diagnosis, an accident, or gender-affirming procedures; and a more enhanced consultation experience for the patient and the surgeon.

For patients who are unable to visit the suite in person, it is also equipped with the latest telemedicine technology for remote consultations with a Mount Sinai plastic surgeon. Additionally, the plastic surgery suite employs a top-level concierge team to ensure a coordinated, seamless visit allowing patients to feel at ease and more confident throughout the process.

“This gift is yet further proof of Mr. Lieberman and The Derfner Foundation’s commitment to surgical excellence,” says Michael L. Marin, MD, The Jacobson Professor of Surgery; Chairman, Department of Surgery, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; Surgeon-In-Chief, Mount Sinai Health System.  “It allows us to provide an elevated level of care for patients in a setting that features unrivaled technology and innovative design, and fosters opportunities for our expert, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeons to continue to pioneer the field.”

The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Mount Sinai was founded by Arthur J. Barsky, MD, who notably used plastic surgery procedures at Mount Sinai to improve the lives of women, historically referred to as the Hiroshima Maidens, who survived the atomic bomb blast of World War II. In 2016, Mount Sinai became the first institution in New York City to offer gender affirmation surgery.