RealSelf has named the 2018 recipients of the RealSelf Fellowship, which awards financial grants to medical professionals who give back by delivering care and training to underserved communities around the world.

Each Fellow receives a $7,500 grant to be applied toward a nonprofit-sponsored humanitarian trip they have planned for 2018. In addition to bringing care to those who need it most, many of the 2018 Fellowship recipients will provide training to local physicians and continue to impact the communities they visit for years to come. 

2018 financial grants were awarded to

  • David M. Alessi, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon working with Face Forward in March 2018. 
  • Frank P. Fechner, Worcester Facial Plastic Surgeon traveling to Vietnam with Face-to-Face in November 2018. 
  • Mark Hanikeri, Perth, Australia Plastic Surgeon traveling to the Philippines with Operation Rainbow in June 2018. 
  • Monica Kieu, Marina del Rey physician traveling to Ho Chi Minh City with the Project Vietnam Foundation in March 2018. 
  • Wayne F. Larrabee Jr., Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon traveling to Ethiopia with Seattle Anesthesia Outreach in March 2018. 
  • Derek Lou, Houston Plastic Surgeon traveling to Mexico with the Crystal Foundation in May 2018. 
  • James M. Pearson, Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon traveling to Vietnam with HUGS in March 2018. 
  • Ifeolumipo O. Sofola, Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon traveling to Rwanda with Face the Future in February 2018. 
  • Laura A. Sudarsky, Fort Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon traveling to Guatemala with Healing the Children in November 2018.

"We feel fortunate to support the efforts of the 2018 RealSelf Fellows who selflessly donate their time and expertise to bring reconstructive care to communities that need it most," said RealSelf Founder and CEO, Tom Seery. "Looking forward, we aim to deepen and expand the impact of our global giving efforts and further the RealSelf mission to bring confidence to people worldwide."