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Meet Emtone: BTL's Answer to Cellulite

Hot Trends in Aesthetics

Jeffrey Epstein, MD

Upper lift lips are growing in popularity, says Jeffery Epstein, MD. Treatment of scarring associated with silicone placement is also becoming more common. Dr. Epstein describ…

Small Steps for Big Success

Timothy Miller, MD

Starting a practice can be a challenge. Timothy Miller, MD talks about the biggest challenges he faced when getting started, and he offers tips for achieving success. Small s…

Facial Rejuvenation 4.0

Fred Fedok, MD, FACS, Stephen S. Park, MD, FACS

Facial plastic surgeons now have the tools to build upon the results of traditional facelifts, Dr. Fedok tells MATV host Stephen Park, MD. New techniques and technologies incl…

Caring for Today's Transgender Patient

Scott R. Chaiet, MD, Stephen S. Park, MD, FACS

Surgery is only one aspect of caring for today’s transgender patient, says Dr. Chaiet during an interview with MATV host Stephen Park, MD. Introducing evidence-based, gender…

Putting the Chill on Submandibular Fat

Jason Bloom, MD, Stephen S. Park, MD, FACS

Cryolipolysis can play a role in achieving fat reduction in the submandibular area, says Dr. Bloom during an interview with MATV host Stephen Park, MD. Results of Dr. Bloom’…

Holding Tight

Michael T. Somenek, MD

Radiofrequency energy provides a great nonsurgical alternative for skin tightening in the neck and jawline, says Dr. Somenek. Patient selection and expectations are key.

Oh What a Year

Edwin Williams, III, MD

Getting younger facial plastic surgeons involved and engaged in the Academy and the initiation of a mentor program are among some of the positive changes that took place durin…

The Halo Effect

Samuel M. Lam, MD

Facial rejuvenation techniques using fat and fillers are continuing to evolve. Taking halos, shadows and shapes into account can help achieve a more natural, balanced look, Dr…

Optimizing Outcomes

Lisa E. Ishii, MD

Databases and registries are increasingly important for facial plastic surgeons, Dr. Ishii says. These tools can drive quality improvement, help set benchmarks, make it easier…

Modern Rhinoplasty

Rami Batniji, MD, Stephen S. Park, MD, FACS

Rhinoplasty is moving away from the reductive and toward the structural due to increased proficiency with cartiledge grafting, says Dr. Batniji during an interview with MATV h…

Hair Restoration Today and Tomorrow

Jeffrey Epstein, MD

The evolution of the follicular unit extraction method, laser light therapy and the use of platelet rich plasma are all helping facial plastic surgeons achieve natural looking…

Social Media 101

Eric T. Adler, MD

Social media is essential for building and maintaining a facial plastic surgery practice today. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great ways to reach patients of al…