Sinclair Takes Over Marketing and Distributing of Silhouette InstaLift in US

Wednesday, May 09, 2018 | Personnel/Company News , Product Launches and Updates

Silhouette Lift, Inc.. a Sinclair Pharma Company, is now handling all of the commercial aspects of the Silhouette InstaLift portfolio of resorbable skin lifting sutures including sales and marketing, and order fulfillment.  They are also relaunching the Silhouette InstaLift.

In Feb. 2018, Thermi, an Almirall S.A. company and Sinclair Pharma mutually agreed to terminate their collaboration for the marketing of Silhouette Instalift.

Going forward, Sinclair in North America will retain the current team of Silhouette InstaLift specialists across the United States while rapidly growing the sales force to service Silhouette InstaLift providers, which includes more than 1,000 who have received product and technique education and who we plan to provide additional training. 

“Already known for the speed and duration of its results, Silhouette InstaLift customers in the US can now also reap the benefits of having the direct involvement of the team that has built the successful global presence of our Silhouette products,” says Doug Abel, Sinclair, Head of North America, and President, Silhouette Lift, Inc. in a news release.   

“With Sinclair at the helm of North American distribution, the future is even brighter,” adds Chris Spooner, CEO, Sinclair Pharma. “We are looking forward to meeting and exceeding the needs of our most valued audiences, aesthetic physicians and patients.”



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