FDA Clears Fotona's StarWalker MaQX Ultra Performance Q-Switched System

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 | FDA Approval/Clearance , Lasers & Light Devices

The FDA has cleared Fotona's StarWalker MaQX Q-Switched laser system for treating tattoos, pigmented and vascular lesions, acne and scar revision, and permanent hair reduction. The Verde 532 mode in a "tattoo laser" is exclusive to the MaQX. Sales in the US will begin immediately. The advancements of the StarWalker MaQX include clinical versatility, high power and performance, ergonomic compact size, 110v or 220v and an intuitive, interactive touch screen with user-friendly application wizards. 

Internationally, Fotona launched its StarWalker MaQX laser system at the IMCAS 2017 world congress in Paris.

The StarWalker MaQX and its proprietary Adaptive Structured Pulse (ASP) technology offers a wide range of technical advancements including:

  • High powered picosecond pulses in nanosecond packettes, for the best of nano and pico. This breakthrough increases overall power, resulting in more control and new applications.
  • 10 Joules of Q-Switched energy in one MaQX pulse, which enables larger spot sizes and faster treatments.
  • Patented FacTat procedure combines resurfacing with tattoo removal, creating chimneys to release gases and pressure enhancing photoacoustic results, for faster and fewer treatments.
  • FRAC3 1064nm mode for skin rejuvenation and removal of thin hair.
  • VERSA3 1064nm long pulse mode for hair removal, wrinkle reduction.
  • Exclusive VERDE 532 mode designed to specifically treat vascular lesions greatly expanding StarWalker applications as compared to other  industry "tattoo lasers".

VERDE, FRAC3, and VERSA3 modes can produce clinical benefits including procedures requiring fewer treatments, it is safe and friendly on all skin types (when used properly), offers maximum versatility, and is the first Nd:YAG Q-Switch Fractional ASP laser. The StarWalker offers a combination of high peak power picosecond micro pulses within an overall nanosecond high energy macropulse. Based on Fotona ASP technology, StarWalker is capable of delivering an impressive 10 J of Q-switched energy in one industry first, structured MaQX pulse.

The unique MaQX high energy capability of StarWalker enables the generation of a higher energy photoacoustic effect at the treatment site, which, when properly used, can lead to more effective and faster treatments. A big advantage of high MaQX energies is larger spot sizes which can be used for more homogeneous treatments of even deeper lying skin pigments, and therefore may reduce the risk of unwanted side effects

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