Plastic Surgeons ID Smart New Use for Smartphones – Postop Monitoring

Tuesday, June 13, 2017 | Research and Publications , American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

Smart phones may help plastic surgeons better monitor patients during the postoperative period, according to a new study in Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

A group of six plastic surgeons surgeons established a smartphone-based postoperative protocol, and 96.2 percent of patients reported that the process improved the quality of their postoperative experience. The protocol also detected early complications in three cases. The physician was able to address and treat the complications the following day, far ahead of the scheduled in-office follow up.

As per the protocol, the plastic surgeon sent a text to the patient asking for a postoperative photograph of the operated area within 48 to 72 hours at the time of discharge. The plastic surgeon then made a return call or text on that same day to review progress.

“The smartphone can be effectively utilized by the surgeon to both enable the patients’ postoperative experience and alert the surgeon to early postoperative problems,” the researchers report.

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