Sciton Launches diVa® Center of Excellence Program

Thursday, May 11, 2017 | Lasers & Light Devices , Sciton

Sciton, Inc.’s new diVa® Center of Excellence Program will spotlight urogynecologists, urologists, OB/GYN's and gynecologists who are dedicated to creating an optimal Treatment Experience for women.

The Centers will review data and outcomes optimizing best practices for women treated with the  diVa hybrid fractional vaginal laser.

This national program is part of Sciton's Women's Health Group commitment, and is designed to recognize exemplary care of women with vaginal conditions as well as the achievement of a high level of training and experience with the diVa hybrid fractional laser.

"We are excited to have the top women's health physicians around the country with extensive experience treating women with the diVa hybrid fractional laser, and our Center of Excellence program is intended to highlight their commitment to providing the best care to their patients," says Vice President of the Women's Health Group, Aaron Burton, in a news release.

Sciton has committed to launching Center of Excellence locations throughout the nation. Key attributes of each center include criteria of magnitude user experience, recognition for being preceptorship sites supporting advanced training, attendance and presentations at major conferences and society meetings, specialized women's health services including community investment outreach initiatives, and involvement in IRB and data submissions.

In addition to expanding diVa across the U.S., Sciton will also be focusing on increasing distribution internationally.  



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