Nutrition for Healing Launches New MEND Cosmetic to Support Improved Healing & Recovery From Cosmetic Surgery

Tuesday, May 02, 2017 | Skin Care , Product Launches and Updates

Nutrition For Healing LLC launched its new MEND Cosmetic, which is now available through cosmetic surgeons worldwide. The all natural formula, a blend of clinically researched, proven ingredients designed specifically to support healing from cosmetic surgery, is being rolled out for medical distribution. Nutrition is critical to supporting optimal healing, yet patients and surgeons often overlook this vital component of a successful recovery following cosmetic surgery, the company says. MEND Cosmetic is focused on providing patients with an easy-to-consume supplement that provides all the necessary nutrients to support healing. The right nutritional support can encourage faster and better healing, can help reduce excessive inflammation and can help reduce bruising. MEND Cosmetic contains a proprietary blend of proven nutrients that are supported by clinical evidence.

"It is common for cosmetic surgeons to encourage their patients to take arnica to help reduce bruising," says Dr. Jason Bloom, a plastic surgeon in Ardmore, PA. "We wanted to go a step further than that to include nutrients that accelerate and enhance tissue repair and also reduce inflammation. We spoke to more than 20 cosmetic surgeons in developing MEND Cosmetic and the response was extremely positive – we're very excited to bring this much-needed product to the market."This is Nutrition for Healing's third product launch after the introduction of MEND Orthopedic, a sports nutrition product, and MEND Regenerate, created to address age-related muscle loss, 

"MEND Cosmetic is aligned with our mission of creating targeted medical nutrition products based on sound science and evidence," says cosmetic surgeon and NFH science advisory board member Dr. Ashlin Alexander. "As a company, we are focused on creating medical nutrition solutions that enhance healing, and positively affect patient outcomes."


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