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Online Exclusive: RealDealAesthetics Recap

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Modern Aesthetics® magazine’s latest Tweet chat series—#realdealaesthetics—featuring New York City dermatologist Gary Goldenberg, MD (@Goldenberg_Derm) and Charleston, SC dermatologist Todd E. Schlesinger, MD (@SkindocDLCC), tackled the hot topic of non-surgical hair restoration from the growing use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) to the role of dietary supplements and everything in between.

Here’s what you missed:

On PRP for hair regrowth…

#PRP is gaining popularity. Low risk, high reward. Patients are asking by name. More #Males lately

#PRP results depend more on quality and density of baseline follicles. #Compliance is high

#PRP has revolutionized non-surgical hair restoration. Most patients can be treated with simple injections that wake up and support their own hair follicles instead of much more costly hair transplants that don’t always produce best aesthetic results.

Almost all patients stop losing hair & majority regrow hair. Starting treatment earlier = better results. Treatment is chronic. If one stops it, they will eventually catch up to where they would have been if they never started treatment at all.

But is it safe?

Absolutely. Some patients may experience pain because of multiple injections. But otherwise unless there is a history of a platelet issue there is no safety concern.
#realdealaesthetics #askdrg @Goldenberg_Derm

On what works best…

I get best results with combination approach that uses #PRP in conjunction with topical treatments #rogaine, @Isdinusa #lambdapil products, and #goldenbergdermatology custom vitamins. #stemcells can be helpful as well.
#realdealaesthetics #askdrg @Goldenberg_Derm

On female versus male hair loss patients…

In my experience and in studies women do better then men. Female patients usually start hair restoration treatments early - at the first sign of hair loss. Many men wait until #PRP #stemcells #supplements topical therapies are not an option.

On bringing up the sensitive topic of hair loss

I usually ask patients if they have any questions about their hair quality. My patients are usually also aware of the fact that we specialize in non-surgical hair restoration at #GoldenbergDermatology. #realdealaesthetics #askdrg

Most patients want to talk about it and bring it up themselves. One only has to take the time to listen. #Realdealaesthetics #askdrg

On dietary supplements for hair loss…

#supplements like @Viviscal are supportive. Minimum 6 months. Studies beginning to show effectiveness
#realdealaesthetics. #Biotin interferes with 100s of tests depending on test. False high or low.


#Vitamins and #supplements are very important. I prescribe custom #Goldenbergdermatology vitamins w/ #biotin #zinc #copper #SawPalmetto #GrapeSeedExtract & other botanicals. @isdin #lambdapil shampoo and hair lotion are always a part of our regimen. #REALDEALAESTHETICS #askdrg


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