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Alma Lasers added a new technology to its arsenal of products: vShape, which offers a range of non-invasive face and body applications via one platform with fast, reliable, and dramatic results. vShape’s sophisticated temperature control mechanism ensures concentrated and consistent heat distribution for comfortable treatments with little downtime and optimal effects. The JuVaShape Solution allows patients to alternate monthly treatments between face and body to renew, revitalize, and refresh. The focused radiofrequency workstation offers four different handpieces, allowing physicians to adapt the platform. Practitioners can now enjoy the ability to tailor treatments to patients’ unique needs through this fast, powerful, and effective process. The JuVaShape Body and Face Lifestyle Solution featuring vShape is currently in place at a limited number of clinics nationwide during an exclusive roll-out phase. vshape.


Merz North America, the makers of Mederma, introduced Mederma PM Intensive Overnight Scar Cream, a new scar cream formulated to work at night, when skin naturally regenerates faster. Mederma PM is clinically shown to improve the overall appearance, size, color, and texture of scars, making them softer, smoother, and less noticeable, according to the company. The cream is also formulated with Tripeptol, a skin-nourishing complex with peptides, collagen, and antioxidants that complement the increased nighttime regeneration of the skin to promote healthy looking skin. Mederma PM should be applied once-nightly and can be used with moisturizers and anti-aging creams, but patients are cautioned to consult their healthcare professionals before using Mederma PM with topical prescription products. Mederma PM may be used on scars on the face and the body resulting from injury, cuts, surgery, burns, and acne. To help ensure effective and appropriate product use, Mederma offers text, email, and calendar reminders. Additionally, an iPhone app, the Mederma Progress Tracker, allows users to take photos of their scars every few days and create a time-lapse movie to see how Mederma helped improve the appearance of their scars over time. The app is available in the iTunes App store. Mederma PM is available in a 1-ounce tube and 1.7-ounce jar.


Topix Pharmaceuticals, Inc., introduced Replenix Restorative Nighttime Bio-Therapy cream, a moisture-boosting, rich night cream formulated to attract, hold, and distribute moisture through a system of ceramides, humectants, and emollients. The formula is infused with antioxidants, stem cells, and a peptide. The night cream features a multi-targeted system of ingredients to hydrate the skin and repair the skin’s barrier. Replenix night cream is ideal for all skin types, including retinoid patients and sensitive skin patients. It is paraben-free, hypoallergenic, fast absorbing, and works with the body’s natural nightly repair process to promote healthy, youthful skin. It minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in mature skin. It soothes and nourishes dry skin back to optimum health and combats environmental damage with skin protective